Q. How often is this type of "Angel Gown" bereavement service needed?

A. A search of U.S. Statistical Information for yearly Miscarriages,

Stillbirth, SIDS, SIUDS and early life death are staggering.

*4000+ children a year die from SIDS - Florida SIDS Alliance. 

*24,000+ stillbirths are reported each year - CDC Center for Decease Control.

*770,000+ children are miscarried in the final stages of pregnancy each year - Mayo Clinic Info

Q. How do you impact those who have had miscarriages?

A. Angels Gowns, Memory Blankets or wraps are delivered to hospitals or emergency rooms throughout the state of Florida for families that have experienced a miscarriage. We have had tremendous help from nurses and hospital staff in getting this done.

Q. How do you choose who receives our angel gowns or memory blankets?

A. We receive calls directly from the bereaved parent or their family members. We also receive calls from the hospitals that we serve. We stand ready to help. There are no great forms to fill out. This is a time of need, and we are here to help.

Q. Do you provide financial assistance to the grieving parents?

A. At this time, we do not have the funding to provide this as an organization. However, there are instances when our delivery volunteers have helped families from their own accounts. We often connect grieving families with services that can help them. Many of our team have been through this process themselves. We stand ready to be a source of information to any of these grieving families.


Q. If I know someone in need of an angel gown or memory blanket what should we do?

A. Just send us an email to and we will be happy to help. We would love to hear how we can be part of the healing process. We have been there ourselves. We want to make a difference.



Q. If I do not have a wedding dress to donate, can I send a financial donation to help in the delivery of angels gowns, memory blankets or wraps?

A. The dresses are a big part of the work, but the operational cost is met by kind people with hearts of gold. These are the people who fund the delivery of dresses. When a call comes in from anywhere in the State of Florida, we need to overnight an Angel Gown to the bereaved parent . That is a cost that needs a sponsor.

We are so thankful for our Angel Sponsors.

Q. Will I receive a tax credit for the gift of my gown?

A. Sunshine State Angel Gowns, INC is a Florida registered and recognized 501C Charity. You will receive a noted thank you for the gift of your gown and receipt of your donation. You will be responsible for choosing the value of the gown. The full amount of your deduction will be determined by your own tax consultant or CPA in accordance with all pertaining laws.

Q. How do you protect my privacy?

A. Once your dress is inspected, all labels that would identify you are removed from the dress. Even those who are sewing the angel gowns and blankets will never have access to your information through a double-blind system we have established for your privacy. 

Q. I wish to donate my dress to Sunshine State Angel Gowns, does it need to be clean?

A. If the dress is pre-worn, it would need to be cleaned  before sending it.

Q. Can I see the gown you made from my dress?

A. You may see angel gowns, blankets and wraps we make at one of our volunteer days. Due to our privacy policy, and for your protection, we do not keep your information attached to the angel gowns, memory blankets and wraps.

Q. If I send my gown and for some reason desire to have it returned? 

A. Only if you contact us within the first three days from the arrival. Once a dress has been processed utilizing our privacy procedure we would be unable to locate your dress. For your protection, every identifiable marking has been removed.

Q. Can I mail my gown to Sunshine State Angel Gowns?

A. Please email for more information.

Q. Can I make an estate gift to Sunshine State Angel Gowns?

A. Yes. We would be happy to receive your kindness in any way you desire.

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