Your donated wedding dress becomes an Angel Gown of hope and healing

for families experiencing the unexpected loss of a child...



Imagine you were in the hospital for what is supposed to be the happiest experience of motherhood and suddenly you were informed that the child you carried for months did not survive. You have not even had the time to grieve, how could you prepare a memorial service? 



Its is very difficult to understand the devastating loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or early childhood illness resulting in death. 

Your donated wedding dress will be transformed into a gift that could bring healing and peace to a very troubled situation. 



At no cost to the grieving parents, Sunshine State Angel Gowns provides a beautiful burial gown made from exquisite wedding dresses donated by caring people throughout the country. These glorious "Angel Gowns" are delivered directly to the hospital with an accompanying prayer card and a keepsake angel. Often the delivery is a beautiful custom-tailored memory blanket for parents whose child was not able to be prepared for internment.

Would you be willing to be a significant part of touching the life of a family struggling through the grieving process? We believe that you would have that kind of compassion. You can donate a dress, you can make a financial gift, or you can do both. Generous financial gifts provide the golden keepsake angel, a beautiful gift box, and the direct delivery into the hands and heart of a grieving family.



Sunshine State Angel Gowns has provided thousands of bereavement gowns, memory blankets, and keepsake angels for hurting families in their time of grief. $30 and one wedding dress can become the provision of hope for a grieving family. Thank you for your support.

There is no way to prepare for the loss of a child

Your partnership matters today

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