How to Donate Your Dress

Thank you for your interest in donating your dress. We have streamlined our process as we have been so blessed over the last few months. Please make sure all requested information is included. 

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Frequetly Asked Questions


How do I donate my wedding gown?

Please fill out our Dress Donation Form. All gowns must be washed and include a photo of your gown. To save on shipping remove all netting and tulle from underneath the gown in order to ship in smallest box possible.


Ship to: Sunshine State Angel Gowns

1201 Bunnell Road, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.


What type of gowns do you accept?

We accept wedding gowns in white or ivory and bridesmaid gowns in pale blue, pale pink, lavender, peach, and navy.


What if I want to have a piece of my gown for a keepsake?

Please remove the portion of the gown that you would like to keep. Due to the volume of gowns we are unable to honor this request.


Will I be told when my gown is received?

Due to the volume of gowns being sent in we are unable to confirm each dress. If you would like please add tracking when shipping the gown.


How long will it take for my dress to be turned into angel gowns, wraps, and/or memory blankets?

We have been so blessed by all of your donations! Due to the volume of gowns we continue to receive please note that it may take up to 36 months for your gown to be transformed.


Can I receive photo or video of my gown being transformed into angel gowns, wraps, and/or memory blankets?

Gowns go through many stages once we receive them. We deconstruct gowns, cut gowns into usable pieces, and then send them off to be put together by our volunteer seamstresses. Because of this process we cannot honor this request. Please join our Facebook group to view photos and videos of our volunteer days!


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